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Academic Information Management System (AIMS)
A Complete Solution to Manage an Educational Institute

Academic Information Management System (AIMS) is a School Management System/ Student Management System for Schools, Private Institute, Institute of Higher Learning, Training Centres, Enrichment Centres , Tuition Centres and any other Training Providers. Built on today’s leading edge Internet technology, AIMS is comprehensive, easily implemented and user friendly.

AIMS offers the robust functionality you need to manage the entire academic processes and student life cycle starting from course planning, student enrolment, and class registration to financial aid information and billing – providing a centralized data warehouse that gives you a single source of information to make well-informed financial and operational decisions in real time.

Today, it is the most affordable School Management System/ Student Management System available. AIMS modular architecture allows you to add on when needs arises, ensuring that future school operational will still be functional.

Academic Information Management System Overview, Student Management System Overview, School Management System Overview

School Management System (AIMS) Overview


AIMS is designed to satisfy your most critical school operational needs. It’s efficient, secure, user-friendly and scalable - making it easy to operate your learning institution and increase efficiency and productivity.

Efficient Data Management Saves Times and Reduces Costs

By creating a centralized, institution-wide data warehouse, AIMS provides visibility to all areas of your institution - from student enrollment, curriculum planning, student allocation to resource assignment, financial information and staff benefits.

Ensure Accurate Information for Better Decisions

AIMS provides a single source of information to make timely and effective operational and financial decisions.

Maximize Resource Allocation and Increase Productivity

With a comprehensive school management system, staff is free from mundane and repetitive administrative task to focus on more difficult issues.

CPE Requirements

Generating Student contract is easy with AIMS. Contract will be locked upon approval and no contract can be generated unless the old contract is cancelled. All the fee will be locked and thus ensure all fees collected are based on the approved contract. You can also upload the signed contract to the system. AIMS also able to generate FPS File 1 and File 2 reports. It also provide lot of useful statistic reports for CPE reporting.

Provide Better Student Services with Intergated Student Portal

With the Online Student Portal, AIMS empower students through expanded information access – online enrollment for classes, online viewing of current coursework, academic record and status of degree completion.

Cost-effective and Scalable System

By leveraging the power of client technology and the freedom of web technology, AIMS delivers the most cost effective and flexible solutions. New users or sites can be easily added to the system enabling a fast and cost-effective deployment and ongoing maintenance.

3rd Party Hardware/Application Integration

AIMS can be integrated to 3rd party hardwares or applications. Common integrations include integrating to SMS gateway, accounting software and Biometric Attendance System.

High performance at a small price

AIMS delivers the features, reliability and benefits you would expect from a much more expensive system. Yet it is reasonably priced for institutions with low initial investment and maintenance costs.

AIMS Modules

The core modules within AIMS perform the following administrative tasks:

  • Security Management
  • Course Management
  • Lecturer Management
  • Client Management
  • Intake Administration
  • Class Administration
  • Enrollment Administration
  • Resource Allocation Management
  • Examination Administration
  • Graduation Administration
  • Evaluation Administration
  • Grant Management (SDF/WDA etc)
  • Finance
  • Report Management

Optional Modules:

  • Student Portal allows student to access up-to-date information relating to their study. This include course material, Time Table, examination result, makingpayment and many others.
  • Electronic Attendance Management Module to easily manage and track attendance record via Radio Frequency Identification Technology or Biometric Technology.
  • Parents Records Module to provide parents with quick access to view their child’s profile, schedule, report card, attendance history, academic performances and status of program completion.
  • SMS/ E-Mail Alert Services to send reminders or updated information to student anytime, anywhere.